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What is Website Creation?

Website Creation is a way to make your small business available to the public, whether it be for eCommerce or for informational purposes. 

Our Pick

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Wix is a user-friendly website creation platform that allows business owners to bring their business to life without a background in coding or technology. Wix has templates for websites, blogs, and other business essentials.

Wix is free if you are creating a personal or informational site, but it starts to get costly if you want to sell products or connect a domain. Click the button below for more information.

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How much does Wix actually cost?

Basic Plans

These plans work best for a personal website or a website that is purely informational.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 7.35.51 PM.png


Business & eCommerce Plans

These plans work best for a business that sells products for customers to buy through their website.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 7.53.09 PM.png

How to Get Started with Wix


Create an Account


Answer a Few Questions


Select a template


Start Editing

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