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Top Picks



Canva is a powerful graphic design tool that we strongly recommend for your small business. It's easy to use, not to mention free, and extremely useful. With Canva, you can design everything from your basic flyers and brochures, to slide deck presentations and digital posts for social media. 


Freshbooks is a simple all in one solution to managing your businesses finances. From accounts payable to accounts receivable, and even payroll and other overhead expenses, Freshbooks gives you the ability to easily track and manage all incoming and outgoing cashflow all in one place.



Microsoft 365 brings Microsoft Office to anywhere your business operates. This cloud based office suite include Microsoft Office Suite for business, as well as a custom business email the advanced, yet user friendly Outlook calendar.


Hubspot is a full customer relationship management platform for sales and customer retention. Hubspot CRM has many comprehensive tools like email marketing and social media management as well as customization for business to business sales. Best of all, its scalable to support your clients as they grow in number.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 6.39.47 PM.png


Trello is a kanban style project management platform. Using boards, lists, and cards to track and manage project progress, Trello can be used for tasks large, small, and customized for recurring tasks, and has many free upgrades called "power-ups" to increase productivity and stay even more organized.

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