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Integrated Office

What is integrated office?  

Integrated office is a term to describe a basic suite of office applications that virtually every business needs to function. Most basic integrated office platforms include a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation program, calendar, and email. 

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Our Pick:


Out of all the integrated office options available for business, Microsoft office remains the most cost-effective and reliable choice. Starting at only $5 a month per user, this subscription-based license gets you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Outlook Calendar for everyone in your organization. One thing that sets Microsoft 365 apart, on top of the fact that you can use the platform offline from any device, is the power of outlook calendar. Unlike your basic calendar application, outlook calendar is fully integrated w/ outlook and can show others your availability without sharing your calendar with them, making it extremely easy to set up meetings and appointments. Overall, Microsoft 365 offers more value and ease of use for small businesses to use than its competitors.


screenshots + any additional explanation :)

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