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Accounts Receivable

What is Accounts Receivable?

Accounts receivable software helps companies optimize their payments processes. Its purpose is to ensure that customers pay for the goods or services they received. This type of software is used to streamline the financial transactions between a company and its customers. Accounts receivable software simplifies the processing of large volumes of customer invoices, which can significantly reduce the time accountants spend collecting payments from customers. It can also increase the accuracy of invoicing and payments processes, which has a positive impact on the cash flow of the company and its profitability. 

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ZipBooks is smart, beautiful, accounting software for contractors, small businesses, and accountants. It makes online invoicing and time tracking easier than ever. ZipBooks provides a more intuitive experience and a cleaner layout. ZipBooks never watermarks invoices, sells your data, or sends you "partner" emails. ZipBooks has all the features you would expect from a mature accounting software solution including the ability to automate transaction import, reconcile your bank account(s), and customize reporting. ZipBooks Accountants enjoy smarter bookkeeping operations such as built-in time-tracking, client texting, and payroll integration.

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